We service every bike as if it were our own. Your bicycles vacation.

We know how important it is to keep your bike in check. A tight process ensures that every bicycle that leaves our workshop is race ready.

Our full range of services will keep you rolling smoothly – from routine maintenance to full custom bicycle builds.

Workshop Menu

The Basic

– R495 –

(excl, additional parts)

The SERVICE, NO TRIMMINGS. Keep it simple and keep riding.

A Basic Service Including TGC’s Wash&Lube.

The Basic Plus

– R 595 –

(excl. additional parts)


The Basic Plus Services includes extra labour if there are one or two small extra’s performed (e.g. replacing a bottom bracket bearing

The Standard

– R 750 –

(excl. additional parts)


Wash & Lube

Deep clean & degrease of bicycle, drivetrain, and tyres.
Finished with a generous lubrication where needed.

The Full Serveice

-R 1545-

(excl. additonal parts)

NO PART  left UNTOUCHED. We strip it down and start from scratch.


Service Price
Flat repair/install on bike  R 50
Tubeless tire installation  R50
Install tubeless kit  R 150 per wheel
Tubular tire install w/glue  R 150 ea
Precision wheel truing  R 150
Spoke installation  R 150 plus spoke(s)
Wheel building traditional  R 695
Hub adjustment  R 50 ea
Hub overhaul


Service Price
Brake adjustment / rotor true  R 50
Brake cable installation  R 80
Disc brake bleed  R 150
Install disc brakeset  R 195

Chains and Cranks

Service Price
Chain installation  R 100
Cassette / Freewheel / Cog installation  R 100
Chainring installation  R 100
Crank and BB installation R 250
Cartridge bottom bracket installation R 150
Bottom bracket overhaul / install R 250

Derailleurs & Shifters

Service Price
Derailleur adjustment  R 150
Derailleur cable / housing installation  R 150
Rear Derailleur adjustment including hanger alignment  R 150
Derailleur installation R 195
Road shifter installation R 175
MTB shifter installation R 150

Stems, Bars & Headsets

Service Price
Headset adjustment  R 195
Headset installation  R 100
Steer tube cut  R 195
Road bar installation R 195
MTB handle bar installation R 100
Clip on aero bar install R 75
Wrap handlebar tape R 195
Cut handlebars R 100
Fork installation R 195


Service Price
GPS setup and installation  R 195
Wireless computer install  R 100
Wired computer install  R 195

Workshop Team

Confident mechanics. The proof is always in the ride – and we always make sure your bicycle is ride ready.

  • Clarkson Mukuru
    Clarkson Mukuru Bike Valet
  • Anton Mukuru
    Anton Mukuru Mechanic
  • Justin Tuck
    Justin Tuck Head Mechanic

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